Lisa Brateman, LCSW, Psychotherapist
Relationship Specialist

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Television Appearances:

Repairing your Mother-Daughter Relationship
Arise News-TV,

Is Monogamy Dead?
Marlo Thomas interviews Lisa Brateman on Mondays with Marlo Thomas. AOL Web TV

Breaking Up By 'Ghosting'
CBS Evening News

Despite newest sexting revelations, can Weiner convince voters he is ready to lead?
WPIX-TV, Channel 11 Evening News

Mount Sinai doctor to be charged after allegedly performing sex act on drugged patient
WPIX-TV Evening News

Why stampede for milk and bread when preparing for storms
CBS Evening News

Anthony Weiner and the realities of online sexual addiction
WPIX-TV, Channel 11 Evening News

A Nazi Among Us? Stunning Revelation Comes Out Of Minnesota
CBS Evening News

Celebrity Fall from Grace
Arise News-TV

Avoiding Game Day Conflicts On Super Bowl Sunday
CBS Evening News

Hazing on college campuses
Newsmax TV on Midpoint TV

Stay at home dads on the rise, but social stigma remains
CC-TV Biz Asia America Television

Women Increasingly the Primary Breadwinner in U.S. Households

Accused Boston bombers spawn sick online groupies
WPIX-TV News program

Sleeping with the enemy
WPIX-TV News program

How Do We Choose Our Type?

Dating and Relationship Advice by Lisa Brateman
Bronxnet TV

Friends with Benefits
Pink Wisdom

Sugar, Spice and Expert Advice by Lisa Brateman
Pink Wisdom

Marriage verses Divorce
TV Appearance CTV, Channel 15, Vida En Alto Show

Why People Stay Married?
Huffington Post Live

Radio Interviews:

How to Handle Family Relationships during the Holiday Season
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio Show 5 Live

What keeps you up at night?
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio Show 5 Live

How Sleep Affects Your Relationships
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio Show 5 Live

Relationships Today
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio Show 5 Live

Up All Night
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio Show 5 Live

Social media, Relationships and Intimacy.
Voices in the Family Radio show, Dr. Dan Gottlieb,
WHYY-FM 90.9

Mother and Daughter Relationships
Talk with Francesca Radio Show, 1510AM Yahoo Radio,106.1FM

Snapped! A revealing look into Relationship Volatility and Crimes of Passion!
Zo What? Morning Radio Show, TradioV

The Mother and Daughter Relationship
The Sylvia Global Media Network,The Common Ground Show

Eating Disorders and the Barbie influence
Radio 88.7 FM WRHU

Motivating Real People Through Real Issues
Fishbowl Radio Network

Relationships 101
John Tesh Network Interview

How Parents can be role models for their kids regarding money.
The Rich Life Show
WDUN FM102.9 AM, 550/FM 102.9 WDUN

Marriage, Dating and Commitment
Radio Maria 88.1 FM

Ask the Expert series, Dr. Park

Print Media:

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays
The New York Times

The Science Behind Why People Buy Bread When Snow Is In The Forecast

How to Brag Without Annoying All Your Friends
New York Magazine, The Cut

Can someone in their 50s date someone in their 20s? Here's what experts say.
The Washington Post

Bad wedding toasts are a nightmare. Here's how to give a speech that will impress everyone.
The Washington Post

How to Save Yourself from a Thirst Trap
GQ Magazine

Why Mothers and Teenage Daughters Fight
The Wall Street Journal

What Lena Dunham Can Teach Parents About Kids and Sex

Divorce Envy: The trend of the charmed separation
Harper's Bazaar

How do you miss a spouse‘s secret life?

Calling a Truce in Mother-Daughter Conflict
The Wall Street Journal

Boomers who remarry learn from failed relationships

Live Happily Ever After?
The Wall Street Journal

Is Your Relationship Too Expensive?
U.S. News and World Report

In Business and in Health: Running a business with your spouse
Huffington Post

How to Handle Your Best Friend Getting Pregnant

Are On-Again, Off-Again Relationships Bad for Your Health?
Shape Magazine

5 Signs You're Having Sex for the Wrong Reasons
Shape Magazine

Micro-Cheating Is Totally Harmless - Most of the Time
Men's Health

Stop Orbiting Your Exes on Social Media
Men's Health

Nuptial Nerves? Here Are 5 Tips to Calm Wedding-Day Anxiety
Brides Magazine

What Real Therapists Think of TV Therapists

The Psychology Behind The World of Nikolas Cruz "Groupies"

Double-Booking Dates Is Fine as Long as You're Not a Jerk About It

Survey Reveals The Best Way To Catch A Partner Cheating, But Is Ignorance Bliss?
Men's Health

3 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Take A Break From Your S.O.

6 Ways To Recover After You Break Up With A Cheating Partner

Why do we stock up on bread, milk and eggs when snow is in the forecast?
NBC, Sinclair Broadcast Group, CNYCentral TV

How To Deal With Your Ex's Family After A Breakup

How to make it work when going into business with your spouse
Health Mart Systems, Inc.

Why Snooping Through Your Partner's Stuff Can Wreck A Relationship

Is A Secret Relationship Ever Okay?

Clingy Partner? Here's How To Set Boundaries

How to Move in With Your Partner Without Blowing It

How to Stop Checking Your Ex's Social Media

Mental Health In Bed: Cheating and Forgiveness
Talk Space

Ahead of heavy snowstorm, Detroit area shoppers stock up on shovels, milk, eggs, alcohol
USA Today

Relationship Experts Reveal 6 Secrets for Valentine's Day Gifts that Don't Suck
Apartment Therapy

Called to give a wedding toast? Here's how to make a good one
The Daily Tribune

Experts Reveal How To Avoid Breadcrumbing In Any Relationship
Elite Daily

Clingy Partner?

Is This Classic Relationship Test Actually True

6 Mental Health Boosts To Try In 2019, According To Experts

Can A Romantic Relationship Survive Without Sex?

Finding a mate just got even more competitive
New York Post

How to Make Time for your Relationship when you're Super Busy
Business Insider

Here's Why We Demand to Know the Sex Details When Our Partner Cheats

People Share Horror Stories of Their Worst-Ever Exes
Vice Media,

Read Receipts Will Ruin Your Life, but People Use Them Anyway
Vice Media,

5 Smart Tips for Hiring the Right Therapist

3 basic ways to prioritize your relationship even when you're busy

The Psychology of the 'Beautiful Without Your Glasses' Trope
Vice Media,

7 Unfair Ways Your Mom Is Guilting You

New Yorkers are a therapist's worst nightmare
New York Post

11 Takeaways From A First Date That Can Reveal Everything You Need To Know

This Is How You Choose Your Type in Dating, According to Science

Fun Bonding Activities for Moms and Brides to Do Before the Wedding

5 Signs to Tell She's Cheating on you. Relationship experts reveal telltale signs

How to Handle a Snoring partner
Fox News

Is Your Credit Score Sexy Enough?
CBS News Money Watch

Help! I Can‘t Stand My Child‘s Partner Surprising ways to make peace with your adult kid‘s choice in love
PBS, First Avenue

If you're married with children, you need a date night
New York Daily News

Snooping on people is making you fat

Top 5 solutions for emotional eating
Fox News

Why You Should Unplug
U.S. News & World Report

10 things therapist won't tell you
The Wall Street Journal, Market Watch

So You Hate Your Ex, Here's What To Do When You See Them

As 40 percent of women now out-earn spouses, black women cope well in new age of breadwinner moms
MSNBC News, the Grio

The "Mean Girl" Habit You Need To Break

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Is The Work Wife The New BFF?

How to handle running into your ex.

4 Important Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Living With Anxiety

6 Things to Consider When Asking, 'Should I Get Back Together With My Ex?'

When Sadness Goes Deeper Than the Winter Blues

Will George Clooney's engagement spur NYC singles into marriage?
AM New York

8 Movies That Are Better Than Therapy

How to Talk About Your Migraines in a New Relationship

Is It Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Why Bullying Doesn't End with High School Graduation

‘Tis the Season for Holiday & Winter Blues
New York Press, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Winter may be depressing, but there's no need to be depressed
AM New York

Why Brad & Angelina finally Wed
New York Post

You Won't Believe How Grossly Underrepresented Women Are in the Media

5 Relationship Red Flags You Need to Know About
Proctor and Gamble

Many New Yorkers want to submit to "Fifty Shades of Grey" this Valentine's Day weekend
AM NY Magazine

7 Ways to prepare for the coming cold months
AM New York

Co-Counseling: A DIY Option for Psychological Help

Jennifer Aniston profile
OK! magazine

Terrible Personality Traits for Entrepreneurs
The Network Journal

Why do people buy up all the bread and milk before a storm hits?
Discovery Communications, HowStuffWorks

The Rules: Breaking Off Your Engagement

Can Media Help Youth Rediscover Their Roots and Morals?

Checking his texts?
Daily Mail London

Marriage: Couples That Save Together, Stay Together
The Business Insider

Coping With Seasonal Depression
New York Press, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Stars Over 40 and their Younger Men!
Closer Magazine

Speaker Programs:

Hamptons Wellness Retreat panel discussion on Mental Health and wellness
South Hampton, New York

Get Out of your Own way! Overcoming emotional resistance to achieve your goals
Totum ENT

Building a Business
New York University, Alumni Common Day Seminar

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Workshop with Lisa Brateman
Winter Wellness Training, New York

Aging in the Workplace
Totum Health, Totum Talks

Attitudes About Health
Totum Health, Totum Talks

How To Avoid The Stress of Family and Holiday Blues
Winter Wellness Series Lecture, Lexington ENT

Dealing with difficult people
Internal Medicine Seminars, New York

Emotions and how you eat
Jewish Women's Health and Wellness Forum, New York

Psychological aspects of eating
Community Center Workshop, Plaza 400, New York

Emotional Eating
Princeton University Club

Psychology and Sleep Apnea
American Sleep Apnea Association, New York

Counseling Those with Sleep Disorders
New York Times Center, Interdisciplinary Symposium, New York

Making Teamwork Happen
Nephrology Medical Suite, Forest Hills, New York

Emotional Blackmail, the killer of relationships
Lynx Professionals, New York