Lisa Brateman, LCSW, Psychotherapist
Relationship Specialist

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Lisa uses her clinical skills as a relationship specialist along with her media commentator skills, to help producers and filmmakers create compelling and informative programming.

In addition to her television appearances, print, radio, public speaking and private practice; Lisa consults with producers, directors, journalists and writers on the psychological aspects of breaking news, lifestyle and entertainment stories and content involving:

Marriage and relationship issues
Mother-daughter relationships
Separation and Divorce
Second marriages and blended families
Eating disorders and body image
Depression and anxiety

“Ms. Brateman is extremely knowledgeable � and just as importantly, sincere. She has become an excellent resource on a variety of stories!”
- Jay Dow, Correspondent, WPIX-TV

“Lisa is a fabulous on-air psychotherapy expert. From my news producer's perspective, she was a dream to work with. She is knowledgeable, concise, and camera-friendly. She was able to contribute significantly to the content of our segment and adept at fielding a “Live” TV interview. Whether on tape or on Live TV, Lisa is a great on-air expert for any psychological-themed subject matter from relationship advice to more serious issues of breaking news origin. I look forward to working with Lisa again soon.”
- Eliana Salzhauer TV Producer, Broadcast Media

Phone: 845-216-9400